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Waitomo Adventures Ltd

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Footwhistle Glowworm Cave

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Waitomo Glowworm Caves

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The Legendary Black Water Rafting

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Waitomo Top 10 Holiday Park
4.4/579 Reviews
A caravan camping hotel in New Zealand chose a separate room with a separate bathroom, which is very good. Cook and eat in the public kitchen restaurant. It's less than 5 minutes by car from the Glowworm Cave, which is very convenient. It will be far away from the supermarket. It is recommended to checkin at the hotel for purchasing.
YHA Waitomo, Juno Hall
4.2/516 Reviews
We spent a very enjoyable couple of nights here in our campervan on our way down the north island. The site itself was quiet and secluded, with a number of animals nearby, including cows, sheep, pigs and a deer! The communal facilities are comprehensive and clean, with extensive and comfortable seating both inside and on the large verandah which surrounds the building. But what makes Juno Hall particularly special is Dave, the manager (and his dog, George), who has a quirky sense of humour and a heart of gold, often going above and beyond to help guests and is also a mine of information. Go visit - it is a gem!
Waitomo Caves Guest Lodge
4.5/579 Reviews
Driving from Auckland is a bit far away, and walking on the mountain road at night is still a bit biased. The advantage is that it is very close to the firefly wormhole. At night, it is full of surprises. The hotel looked inconspicuous at night, small, but it was very warm during the day, the flowers were crowded, clean and tidy, and the owner was very amiable. The only dissatisfaction was that the book was rushed at that time, and I booked the No. 5 room with the preferential price at the front. When I saw it, I clearly wrote more than 500. When I paid, I showed that I wanted a credit card guarantee, and I agreed. However, I later found that I had to pay 140 New Zealand, which was more than 650, and the credit card deposit was not returned for a long time. It was very depressed. Room 5 is in the middle, the privacy is relatively poor, and it is the smallest. There are two small single beds in the room, plus a bathroom. I thought it was because of the special reason for the special price. Be careful.
Waitomo Village Chalets Home of Kiwipaka
4.1/548 Reviews
The disadvantage is that the sound insulation is not good. We live on the first floor. The second floor can be heard clearly. It will be noisy and we can wear earplugs. A pair of old couples opened, very enthusiastic to introduce the surrounding area of the hotel. We went to the house on the eleventh to have heating. We thought it would be cold, but the actual heating was very good. It was very warm after a while. It is very close to the firefly hole, more than 20 minutes walk, and driving very fast. Waitomo has its own parking lot, which is very convenient.

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Highest PriceNZD 670
Lowest PriceNZD 35
Number of Reviews302
Number of Hotels19
Average Price (Weekdays)NZD 221
Average Price (Weekends)NZD 224